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We’ve more Espadrilles, so the addiction is now officially on! Now let’s talk about these latest Hermes Malaga Espadrilles. We’re not sure where the name ‘Malaga’ comes from, but it’s the ideal match if it’s inspired by the city Malaga in Spain. You see, this city Malaga which is a must-go place, is a very famous holiday spot with yellow sand beaches, resorts and uptown shopping streets. And wearing these pair of Hermes Espadrilles when shopping at Malaga is like the perfect idea.

Now before you run due to the ankle strap, let us tell you now that it is removable. Imagine removing those ankle strap when you think it’s not matchy, what leaves behind is a stunning Espadrilles designed by Hermes in beautiful leather.

Crafted in Calfskin leather and available in single colors. It also features with mini palladium-plated ‘Hermes Paris’ Clous de Selle, which is one of the house’s signature designs. The bottom is refined with natural rope insole while the top is entire made in leather. The ankle strap with buckle strap is an option in case you feel more comfortable using it. You can remove it anytime you want and we think without it looks more stylish and fashionable.

Hermes also offers other leather options besides the calfskin leather like metallic for those that love shines and Goatskin. There is also an so-black Espadrilles, in black leather and black bottom ropes.

Now which one would you choose?

Hermes Calfskin Malaga Espadrilles 
Price: €490 euro, £460 GBP

Hermes Goatskin Malaga Espadrilles 
Price: €490 euro, £460 GBP

Hermes Metallic Malaga Espadrilles 
Price: €550 euro, £520 GBP











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Hermès Passant Wallet

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Consider this a refresher. Last August I did a post on a then hard-to-find wallet that only recently made its debut at the French luxury house. Many months on, while the Passant Wallet is still pretty rare (but still not as hard to spot as say, a unicorn), you can often catch glimpses of it whenever you step into the boutiques’ hallowed halls. And now that it’s making more appearances in newer colours I’ve never seen myself, I thought it apt to do a quick update.


Offered in 2 sizes (the Passant Compact Wallet and the Passant Long Wallet), it’s basically a wallet within a wallet. Let me explain. For starters, there are 3 parts to the Passant, the actual wallet as well as 2 separate leather pieces contained within, the first, a card case with slots, the second, a zip purse. In other words, you can use the wallet as is with all your cards and cash loaded in, or separate all 3 pieces and use them individually. The only difference between the 2 sizes? One’s shorter at 14.5 cm by 9 cm while the longer one will come in at 20.5 cm by 9.5 cm, which also means the former’s card case comes with 4 slots while the latter has 6 card slots.

Intrigued? It gets better. While I remember they only had the Black and Orange (or Feu) in Epsom leather back then, you’ll now find it in a wider variety of leathers (they’ve added Evercolor calfskin leather) and colours including Bleu Agate and Rouge Grenat, just to name a few. Priced at SGD2600 and SGD3200 respectively, there are 2 ways you could look at the eye-watering 4-figure sum. Yes, it is more expensive than most other designer wallets out there, but if you were to compare those prices to Hermès’ own Azap, Béarn, Constance and Kelly wallets, the Passant is definitely a steal.

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Hermès Sling Bags: Jypsiere

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It seems anything with sangles is mouth watering.

Jypsiere 34

The Jypsiere, much like the So Kelly, are one of the several bags that Hermès allows you to buy online, or see displayed in store. And, because they have the sangles – those two flapping leather strips that have metal plates at the tip that one would use to belt the bag closed – it makes the bag unmistakably Hermès.

Jypsieres come in three varying sizes. Jypsiere 34, 31, and 28, representing the centimeters in width, and allowing multiple sizes for various needs of bag loving people like you and me.Jypsiere 31

As is with many Hermès bags, its complicated enclosures make it difficult to go in and out of. This sling bag has a front flap and closes with the belt sangles. So quick in-and-out of the bag is almost impossible if it’s closed up. So for breezier bag lovers, this might have too may bells and whistles.Jypsiere 28

Jypsieres are full leather bags, so the interiors are lined with leather too. They come with a zippered pocket, and two hanging pockets for other odds and ends, like a cellphone and a wallet.Jypsiere Interior

The Jypsiere is a lovely bag. One easier to get than the ever elusive Birkin for sure.

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Hermès Mini Dog Bracelet Collection

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If you think you’ve pretty much exhausted Hermès as far as their bracelets are concerned, think again. Feast your eyes on the new Mini Dog collection, a collection of miniature leather bracelets that come finished in a variety of ways. For starters, there are the plain leather ones (Mini Dog Anneaux, middle row) that come in 4 sizes and come plated in gold or palladium.

Next we’ve got the Mini Dog Clous Ronds (the ones with the rounded studs) that come, well, embellished with rounded studs. Last but not least, check out the first row that comes with bracelets that are perforated (Mini Dog Perforations Carrées), and like the first two, also come in 4 sizes. Priced at GBP390, GBP370 and GBP280 respectively, you’ll be spoilt for choice as far as choosing the one that best fits your #wristparty.

Oh, and for those who prefer bracelets with a little more ‘meat’ on the wrist, some styles come in double tour variations as well. Decisions, decisions, right?

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The Hermes Tutti Frutti Collection for their Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign was something people looked forward to. With its bright, fun, and bold fruit inspired small leather goods, it was able to accessorize most of the ‘it’ bags in the market. Without further ado, we are introducing this particular citrus goodie: the Hermes Tutti Frutti Orange Charm.

This Orange Charm is the one thing you’ll be reaching for before heading out the door since it gives a splash of color to your favorite go-to bag. Made from Chevre and Pointe-Mizoru with silver plated palladium finish, this one will certainly make your whole bag outfit a little bit more fun.

Style code H070656CKAA, measuring 8.5 x 8 cm, priced at ¥100440 JPY

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Shop a Big Selection of Rare Hermès Bags at Heritage Auctions’ Latest Moda Operandi Trunk Show

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