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We’ve more Espadrilles, so the addiction is now officially on! Now let’s talk about these latest Hermes Malaga Espadrilles. We’re not sure where the name ‘Malaga’ comes from, but it’s the ideal match if it’s inspired by the city Malaga in Spain. You see, this city Malaga which is a must-go place, is a very famous holiday spot with yellow sand beaches, resorts and uptown shopping streets. And wearing these pair of Hermes Espadrilles when shopping at Malaga is like the perfect idea.

Now before you run due to the ankle strap, let us tell you now that it is removable. Imagine removing those ankle strap when you think it’s not matchy, what leaves behind is a stunning Espadrilles designed by Hermes in beautiful leather.

Crafted in Calfskin leather and available in single colors. It also features with mini palladium-plated ‘Hermes Paris’ Clous de Selle, which is one of the house’s signature designs. The bottom is refined with natural rope insole while the top is entire made in leather. The ankle strap with buckle strap is an option in case you feel more comfortable using it. You can remove it anytime you want and we think without it looks more stylish and fashionable.

Hermes also offers other leather options besides the calfskin leather like metallic for those that love shines and Goatskin. There is also an so-black Espadrilles, in black leather and black bottom ropes.

Now which one would you choose?

Hermes Calfskin Malaga Espadrilles 
Price: €490 euro, £460 GBP

Hermes Goatskin Malaga Espadrilles 
Price: €490 euro, £460 GBP

Hermes Metallic Malaga Espadrilles 
Price: €550 euro, £520 GBP











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Chanel Espadrilles For Spring/Summer 2016

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The very popular Chanel Espadrilles are back for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. The classic leather in Black and combination of Beige and Black are available once again. New styles this season includes like Tweed/Patent and Sequins/Patent.

Another design is the multicolor espadrilles in blue, red and white, following the Airport Theme for Spring 2016. Chanel also releases loafer style espadrilles made of patent leather featuring cc hardware.

Style & Price


Chanel Loafer Espadrilles
Chanel Tweed and Patent Espadrilles
Chanel Leather Espadrilles
Chanel Sequin and Patent Espadrilles
Chanel Multicolor Espadrilles



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Celine Espadrilles

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Espadrilles has become uncontrollable famous lately, and because of that, we thought you might also want to learn more about the Celine version of Espadrilles.

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A fine shoe, easy to slip-in and comfortable to wear in all season (but I like it much better for the Summer). The brand’s most powerful weapon is simplicity, we can reflect that in their classic handbags like the luggage totes or the famous trapeze bags. That’s why these Celine Espadrilles are also presented in minimalism and simple, but the true story is hidden in the craftsmanship and the details.

Crafted from cotton, it features an ankle strap, which distinguish the Celine version from the other designer brands. For the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, It’s available in two colors; navy and petal. Priced at €350 euro’s, available at Celine store.



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Chanel Espadrilles

Last spring I was obsessed with getting a pair of black mesh Chanel espadrilles. I was so enamored with these shoes that nothing could stop me from buying them. The espadrilles were in high demand, but I was lucky enough to snag the very last pair in my size at the Chanel shop in Manhattan near 5th, where I have always had a wonderful shopping experience.

Yes, the shoes are crazy expensive but when you factor in cost per wear they are relatively inexpensive. I wore them nonstop last spring/summer and have already taken them back out of the closet for several wears while recently in South Florida. This season’s version has a thicker sole that makes these fabulous shoes just that much better.

The leather and mesh version from last year was perfect for hot summer days and this season I’ve got my eye on the all canvas version in a classic Chanel black and white version. Check out your local Chanel boutique to see what’s available near you if you love this shoes style as much as I do…or try out this very similar version for one-tenth of the price. But either way get yourself a pair of espadrilles for the spring and summer. You won’t regret this classic shoe style that will quickly become your go-to warm weather shoe.


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Referring to your shoes that will are offered to the longest hour, Probably the idea ought to remain in the Chanel Espadrilles. The idea which consists of lighting, serviceable, affordable can be popular for women across the world. These are lighting, no matter whether to search as well as accomplish exercising, it’s going to be the most suitable selections. Should you be a new sporty one particular and still have an engaged life style then you certainly ought to try out for distinct various shoes. Chanel Espadrilles are certainly not merely comfy, nonetheless they in addition provide prospects for obtaining an exceptional fashion by simply deciding on via various these people. If you need to experience a match, it does not take company that one could take into consideration.

It does not take globe’s first company that will develop Chanel Espadrilles, on the other hand, it does not take most significant and quite a few renowned sneakers company presently. They have your most legend basic sneakers in numerous major string along with many variations. Your methods of Chanel Shoes are generally current quite speedily. Chanel Flats are generally brand-new sneakers variations presented divorce lawyers atlanta time, that make your hesitant demoralizing manner have an overabundance of selections. Additionally, they generally cross-border cooperates using a number of renowned stylists for you to kick off particular format. Considering that throughout 1917, if your basic most Chanel Flats became available, and then Their most legend basic sneakers turns into your pronoun involving world renowned canvas. Chanel Espadrilles contains the standing involving “Rolls-Royce” throughout canvas sneakers.

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In the shadow of the global economic crisis, although most of the brands are reducing in launch new products to reduce expenditure. A series of single product launch in early summer 2014 under the support of many loyal fans of Chanel. Chanel Shoes is considerate for you to launch such as the daily mix of Chanel Espadrilles ,high heels shoes, flat shoes and sporty sneakers.

When it come to Chanel Flats, we will immediately think of the classic Chanel Espadrilles. Designers pay more attention in this layering of the shoes and choose the lightweight materials of canvas, cotton and the other breathable lightweight materials. In addition, the special feature of Chanel Espadrilles is that it often own two color. Chanel Espadrilles is not limited to the traditional black and white color in material, Instead of it use more candy colors,such as Beige, earth colors, black, red and other colors line ,which filled with feelings of gentle flavor in the summer. The varied colors breaking the traditional wood-tone shoes to make a more modern system, but also to better highlight the personality! I believe both Young artists or sports enthusiast can easily manage this wonderful Chanel Espadrilles!


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